Wednesday, April 9, 2014


UPDATE 4-15-14:

Good news! I've found a way for folks to download and I've created download links for my last several episodes.

Just go to the individual posts and right click on the download link. (or find the latest where I've uploaded them at

It's going to take a while to get all the old ones uploaded, but I'll be working backwards.

Thanks for your patients.

Here's the original post:

As Benjamin J. Grimm used to say, "What a revoltin' development!"

Yesterday, a corporate overlord of the company that has been hosting The Big Enchilada, GaragePunk Pirate Radio and several individual GPPR podcasters that basically we had a week to clear out.

... this letter is to inform you of the shutdown of and the removal of any hosted content effective April 18th. Also, in the meantime the site will be password protected. ... As you may be aware, we at Mevio have been hard at work to create a new production paradigm ...

I learned a long time ago that anytime someone starts throwing around the word "paradigm" you better look out. Normally it's just a New Age snake-oil peddler, but you never know.

Anywho, us audio podcasters aren't welcome in this new paradigm, so we have to find a new place to host our audio files.

I'm not sure right now where the GaragePunk Pirate Radio feed will end up, but I'll be part of it.

As for my own shows, I've decided to go to Mixcloud, which is easy to use and has lots of nice features (and a lot of cool shows in addition to my own.) I already had a couple of shows uploaded there, as well as a handful of my Santa Fe Opry and Terrell's Sound World radio shows.

But there's one problem with Mixcloud: There's no RSS feed, which means a) You won't be able to subscribe; 2) You won't be able to download the shows. There's some disagreement among us GPPR podcasters as to how much our listeners actually download our shows as opposed to listening online. (Please let me know what you think on the comments for this post.)

One good thing for those of you who like to take The Big Enchilada everywhere you go, Mixloud has nice mobile apps for your smart phones.

At this writing, I've already uploaded the last three episodes to Mixcloud, and plan to do a few each night, working back.chronologically. It's a rather tedious process, but please bare with me.

At the moment my Big Enchilada Jukebox (and the GPPR Jukebox for that matter) still are working, but I'm assuming they will both stop on April 18 or thereabouts. On my jukebox page, I've added a widget for the Big Enchilada episodes on Mixcloud, as well as one for the 11 episodes I uploaded to Podomatic back in 2010. (I used all my free space there. Some of my most popular episodes, such as Human/Animal Hybrids and Hillbilly Pigout are there.)

But after April most my old episodes will be temporarily unavailable.

I'm sorry about this mess.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

EPISODE 70: The Wacky Shack Polka


Spring is in the air, and it's wacky everywhere. Join this garagey, punky party and get ready for some hopped-up, rockin' polka smack dab in the middle. Lots of new tunes by The Black Lips, Scott H. Biram, Figures of Light, J.J. & The Real Jerks, The Beatpack, Future Primitives Billy Joe Winghead and more.

DOWNLOAD (this works again! Right Click and use "Save As")|

(Background Music: Polka Chicana by Eddie Dimas)
Time of My Own by The Woggles
Damaged Goods by J.J. & The Real Jerks
Long Battle Coming by Dex Romweber Duo
Swollen Colon Lament by Figures of Light
What it's All About by The Goon Mat & Lord Bernardo
Springtime for Argentina by Billy Joe Winghead
(Background Music: Oneida Polka by Bill Mraz Orchestra)

The Pimps of Polka by The Polkaholics
Happy Chappy Polka by Elliot Sharp & Guy Klucevsek
I Lost My Kielbasi by Dave Stacey
Polka Polka by Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper
Polkas de Nalgas by The Imperial Rooster
Strip Polka by The Andrews Sisters
Down at the Friendly Tavern by Brave Combo

(Background Music: Beer-Drinking Polka by Flaco Jimenez y Max Baca)
Just Head by The Grannies
You Broke My Mood Ring by Root Boy Slim & His Sex-Change Band
Go-Go Girls by Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs
I'm Walkin' by The Beatpack
Not at All by The Future Primitives
Only Whiskey by Scott H. Biram
Dorner Party by The Black Lips
(Background Music: No Sabemos Polka by The Santa Rosa Band)

You like the polka? I did another polka set way way back on Episode 12: The Monkey Wrestling Polka. You can find that HERE

Play Episode 70 below:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

EPISODE 69: Garage of Enchantment


Since the days when Buddy Holly recorded in Clovis, New Mexico, the land of roadrunners, sopapillas and crashing flying saucers, has been the home of some excellent rock 'n' roll. It hasn't always thrived, but somehow it's survived. Step inside the Garage of Enchantment into hear some immortal garage, punk and psychedelic sounds, with some Hispanic sounds, which is the foundation of much of New Mexico rock 'n' roll. Viva Nuevo Mexico!

DOWNLOAD  (this works again! Right Click and use "Save As")

Here's the playlist:

(Background Music: Panic Button by The Fireballs )
I Wanna Come Back from the World of LSD by The Fe-Fi Four Plus 2
Willow by Manby's Head
Cave Man by Blood-Drained Cows
Go Away by The Plague
When Will I Find Her by Mike Renolds & The Infants of Soul
La Mula Bronca by Al Hurricane

(Background Music: Mr. Big by The Four Frogs)
Witches by Bichos
Run Girl Run by The Movin' Morfomen
Who's Been Driving My Little Yellow Taxi Cab by Lincoln Street Exit
Spreading the Love Vibration by 27 Devils Joking
Working Girl by The Strawberry Zots
El Corrido de Emilio Naranjo by Angel Espinoza

(Background Music: Little Big Hair by Milo de Venus)
The Movies by The Angel Babies
For Your Love by Mother Structman's Jams and Jellies
Goat Throat by The Scrams
Tipi Tipi Tin by Baby Gaby
(Background Music: Moonbeam by King Richard & The Knights)

Many of the bands from the '60s on this episode recorded for or were associated with Dick Stewart's  Lance Records in Albuquerque, N.M.. Check out their website HERE

And check out my recent Terrell's Tuneup column on Norton Records' excellent El Paso Rock compilations -- the recent ones including many southern New Mexico bands. That's  HERE.

Now listen to the dadgum thing below:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

EPISODE 68: January Jitters


It's the first Big Enchilada Podcast episode of the year. Listen up and get those January Jitters! Shake it up!

DOWNLOAD; (Right Click and "Save As")|

Here's the playlist:

(Background Music: Are You Nervous by The Instrumentals )
Happy New Year by Spike Jones & His City Slickers
What You Need by Thee Oh Sees
Prostitution by Tiger Sex 
Rock 'n' Roll Victim by Death
Sand Surfin' by The Four Dimensions

(Background Music: Nervous Boogie by Paul Gayten)
I Should Have Been in Art School by Wild Billy Chyldish & CTMF
Hot Rod Man by Sexton Ming
Drop Dead Baby by Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin
Too Much Love by Harlan T. Bobo
The Pissed-Off Punk Rock Ex-Girlfriend's Club by The Barbarellatones
Border Town Blues by Long John Hunter
Sputnik Hires a Band by Sputnik Monroe

(Background Music: Chi-Wa-Wa by The Fortunes)
Timothy by The Nervebreakers
Fruta Podrida by Way y Los Arrrghs!!!
Banana Bike by Dot Wiggin Band
King Rat by Night Beats
Woke Up in a Police Car by The Oblivians
Long Gone Sister by New Bomb Turks
Sun Can't Be Seen No More by David Lynch

Streamin' atcha, screamin' atcha below:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Episode 67: 2013 Christmas Special


Merry Christmas, my dear young friends! Once again  the Big Enchilada is going to rock your stockings off. Roll your Yule logs and hang your little balls on the tree. The War on Christmas never sounded so good.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click and "Save As")

Here's the playlist:

(Background Music: O Christmas Tree by Brave Combo)
Beatnik's Wish by Patsy Ray & The Beatniks
We Got the Eggnog If You Got the Whiskey by Hickoids
Jail by The Rockin' Guys
Father Christmas is Dressed in Green by Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians of The British Empire
Nothin' But Tears Under My Christmas Tree by Thee Fine Lines
I Wanna Spend Christmas with Elvis by Marlene Paul
Hey Santa Claus by The Moonglows
(Background Music: Deck the Halls by The Klezmonauts)

Groovy Christmas and New Year by Kojo Donkoh & Pee Pee Dynamite
My Mom and Santa (Twistin') by George Jones
I Still Believe in Christmas by The Fleshtones
Poncho Claus by El Vez
Christmas Cheer by Angry Johnny & The Killbillies
The Season's Upon Us by Dropkick Murphys
(Background Music: Jingle Bells by Gene Krupa & Charlie Ventura )

Christmas Outta Site (Wonder) by New Mystery Girl
Santa on the Roof by Reverend Horton Heat
I Know What You Want For Christmas by Kay Martin & Her Body Guards
'67 Christmas by The Electric Prunes
Merry Christmas Darlin' by James Hand
White Christmas by Iggy Pop

Play it below:

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

EPISODE 66: White Trash Trophies

Howdy friends and neighbors and welcome to the latest hillbilly episode of The Big Enchilada. Every song this month truly is a trophy in its own peculiar way. And smack dab in the middle of the episode is a set, inspired by Norton Records' new compilation, Tragic Songs From the Grassy Knoll,  of country and blues songs commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Hang on!

DOWNLOAD (Right click and "Save As")

Here's the playlist:

(Background Music: Dance, Cajun Dance by Sammy Naquin)
Old Man from the Mountain by Bryan & The Haggards with Eugene Chadbourne
My Frijoles Ain't Free Anymore by Augie Meyers
Shackin' Up by Daddy Longlegs
All Hearts in Wichita By Two Ton Strap
Dreamin' Ain't Waltzin' by Copper & Coal
Welfare Music by The Bottle Rockets
(Background Music: Brownie's Stomp by Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies)


Memories of Kennedy by Hasil Adkins
Sad Day in Texas by Otis Spann
The Death of John F. Kennedy by The Southern Gospel Band
Lee Harvey by T. Tex Edwards
Friend by The Rockin' Guys

(Background Music: Texas Guitar Stomp by The Maddox Brothers & Rose)
I Don't Want to Wash Off Last Night by The Gaunga Dyns
Ain't That a Dilly? by Marlon Grisham
Two Hoops and a Holler by Jean Shepard
Your Wildlife's Gonna Get You Down by Carol S. Johnson
Julia Belle Swain by The Howlin' Brothers
I'll Trade You Money For Wine by Robbie Fulks
Corn Liquor Made a Fool Out of Me by The Bad Livers

Play it below:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Episode 65: 2013 Spooktacular

BOO! Happy Halloween, my dear young friends! Welcome to the 6th (!!!!) annual Big Enchilada Spooktacular, where once again I've dug up some ghostly, ghastly tunes by some of your favorite artists and mine (plus a bunch you might never have heard of.) And guess what: This is the 5th anniversary of this podcast. I've been doing this since I was a young man ... well, slightly less-old man.

DOWNLOAD| (Right Click and "Save As")

Here's the playlist:
(Background Music: It's Monster Surfing Time by Los Straitjackets)
Demon Death by Southern Culture on the Skids
He's Waitin' by The Sonics
Honeymoon at Hell by The Monsters
Mummy Shakes by The Molting Vultures
Black Leather Monster by The Plasmatics
'Tain't No Sin (To Take Off Your Skin) by Fred Hall

(Background Music: Theme from Halloween by Los Straitjackets)
Por Mil Demonios by Horror Deluxe
Monster Rock by Screaming Lord Sutch
Satan's Little Pet Pig by Demon's Claws
Haunted Hipster by The Fleshtones
Hoodoo Bash by Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis

(Background Music: Ghostbusters by Los Straitjackets)
Haunted Head by Kid Congo Powers
Demon in My Head by Joe Buck Yourself
Witch on Fire by Dan Melchior's Broke Revue
Hush, Hush, Hush, (Here Comes the Boogie Man) by Henry Hall
Bad She Gone Voodoo by Chief Fuzzer

Play it below:

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