Saturday, October 18, 2014



Boo! Welcome to the 7th Annual Big Enchilada Spooktacular! Believe it or not, I've been scaring the pants off unsuspecting podlubbers since October 2008. Once again I present a casket full of spook 'n' roll. And as a special treat, this show has several cuts from the new GaragePunk Hideout compilation Countdown to a Breakdown.


Here's the playlist:
(Background Music: Quentin's Theme by Charles Randolph Grean Sounde)
Where is the Werewolf by WolfWolf
Night of The Monsters by The Barbarellatones
The Night of The Vampire by Roky Erikson & The Aliens
Whistlin' Past the Graveyard by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Voodoo Bones by Dale Ducktail
She's Fallen in Love with the Monster Man by Screamin' Lord Sutch

(Background Music: Dr. Caligari's Gruselkabinett by The Vampires of Dartmoore)
Teenage Werewolf by The Monsters
Vampire Lover by The TexReys
Don't Go In the Woods by Teenage Frankenstein
In League With Satan by Black-Eyed Vermillion & The Goddamn Gallows
Boneyard by Angry Johnny & The Killbillies
Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor by The Big Bopper

(Background Music: El Vampiro by Los Vampiranos)
Haunted House by Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs
Dracula a Go-Go by The Fleshtones
Invisible Man by Trailer Crash
Teenage Maniac by The Spooklights
Hanging Johnny by Rev. Tom Frost
Swamp Witch by Deadbolt
(Background Music: Quentin's Theme by Charles Randolph Grean Sounde)

Play it below:

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Friday, September 26, 2014

EPISODE 76: Dance Hall of the Dark Dimension


Welcome to the Dance Hall of the Dark Dimension. This has to be my most rocking podcast episode ... maybe ever. You can't sit down! You can't stay still! Let the hoodoo spirits move you! (Please use caution if listening to this while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery.) 


Here's the playlist:

(Background Music: The Redheaded Flea by The Caps)
Wreck Dat Party Dress by The Hares
One Erotic Thought by The Mobbs
Nowhere Around by The Mistaken
Chippewa by Benjamin Booker
Alligator by Reverse Cowgirls
She Lives in the Jungle by O Lendário Chucrobillyman
Odessa by Golem

(Background Music: Camel Neck by Hipbone Slim & The Knee-Tremblers)
The Faker by Ty Segall
Suono Beat by I Mitomani
Yosemite Sam by King Salami & The Cumberland 3
It's My Life by Kathy Freeman & Brain Damage
Concrete Nipples by Amanda
Work With Me, Annie by Dave Van Ronk

(Background Music: Cozy Corner by Impala)
Let's Get Funky by Elvin Bishop
Cain by Churchwood
Va Va Voom by The Barbarellatones
Teenage Barbarian by RÃ¥ttanson 
Jupitor by Audio Kings of the Third World
Friday Night Dance Party by Bunker Hill
(Background Music; Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf by The Revelers)

Play it below:

Monday, August 18, 2014

EPISODE 75: Varmint Symphony


Welcome to the latest Big Enchilada podcast, Varmint Symphony. It's a hillbilly spectacular featuring raw animal country, rockabilly, bluesgrass, blues, country swing, cowpunk and other sounds to tickle your innards .Have fun, but don't let the possums get in your underwear drawer.


Here's the playlist
(Background Music: Greasy String by The West Virginia Coon Hunters)
Animal Hoedown by Harry Hayward
Johnny Law by Wayne Hancock
Someone Like You by Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys
Can't Pretend by Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs
When That Helicopter Comes by The Handsome Family
Carve Dat Possum by Harry C. Brown & The Peerless Quartet

(Background Music: White Heat by Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys)
Devil Ain't No Quitter by James Hand
Sucker for a Cheap Guitar by Ronnie Dawson
The Pequot Dance Floor by Angry Johnny & The Killbillies
Him No Mo' by Crumb Catcher
Big T by Dale Watson
Where Do Ya Want It by Whitey Morgan & The 78s
Long in the Tooth by Billy Joe Shaver

(Background Music: Fiesta Alegre by Flaco Jimenez y Max Baca)
The Weasel, Bean, Frog and Dog by Splitlip Rayfield
21 Days in Jail by Magic Sam
Truckin' Little Woman by Dave & Phil Alvin
Big Bad Wolf by Clinton O'Neal & The Country Drifters
Set Up Another Drink by Carl Phillips
Coffee Grinder Blues by Asylum Street Spankers

Play it here:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

EPISODE 74: Family Fun Nite


It's Family Fun Nite at The Big Enchilada and what we have here is a fiesta of fun for the young and old. Inspired by one of my favorite Figures of Light song, which  kicks off this mess, Family Fun Nite is an hour of good-time entertainment for responsible citizens. Featuring bands from all over the world and a brief tribute to the immortal Ramones.


Here's the playlist

(Background Music: No Fun by The Ridiculous Trio)
Family Fun Night by Figures of Light
Countdown to a Breakdown by Viki Vortex & The Cumshots
Nobody Knows by Pea & The Pees
Riot by The Naxalites
Devil in the Woods by Gun Club
Pepper Spray Boogie by Compulsive Gamblers
Country Boy by Clarence "Frogman" Henry

(Background Music: Red Rose Tea by The Marquis Chimps)
Remember the Ramones by The Fleshtones
WWJD by Scott Orr & The Rochesterfield Kings
Ramones Forever by The 99ers

(Background Music: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Hugo Montenegro)
Going Nowhere by House of Ghosts
Dinah Wants Religion by The Fabs
You Gotta Tell Me by The Downbeats
Your Money Ain't Long Enough by Cherri Lynn
Evil Evil Evel Kninievel by Eddie Carr

(Background Music: Night Walk by The Swingers)
Make You Wild by Lynx Lynx
The Diep by The Come N Go
Tim's Last Stand by Graveshare 
Mommy's Little Baby by Wizzard Sleeve
Down the Road by Fred and Toody Cole

Play it Here:

Monday, June 23, 2014



Welcome to the Big Enchilada Canteen Dance! Dance all night to the crazed garagepunk sounds that's just as jittery and even more buggy than the jitterbug ever was. Got some brand new sounds from Norton Records, some offerings from a bunch of GaragePunk Hideout pals and a set of Celt-punk sounds guaranteed to smack you on the head like a hundred-pound shillelagh.


Here's the playlist

(Background Music: I Got Rhythm by Bennie Morton with Don Redman & His Orchestra)
Leavin' Me Hangin' by The Electric Mess
Summer Boyfriend by The Manxx
No No No No No by Kristy & The Cracks
You Bring the Thunder, I'll Bring the Lightning by Red Hot Rebellion
Not Like You by The Vagoos
Corrupt Democracy by G. Wood with Markdog
Rockin' at the Dog House by The Love Dogs

(Background Music: Happy Feet by Paul Whiteman)
Castin' My Spell by Daddy Longlegs
Just a Little Bit of You by The A-Bones
Walking Down the Street by Miriam
Hey There Stranger by The Compressions
Riot by The Naxalites
Lips of the Apocalypse by The Yowl
Crazy People by The Boswell Sisters
(Background Music: Bugle Call Rag by Benny Goodman)

Across the USA by The Mahones
Backup Man Greenland Whalefishers
Good Morning Da by The Tossers 
Poor Old Jimmy Biscuit by Paddy & The Rats
Breaking Through by Blood or Whiskey
Wild Rover by Dropkick Murphys wtith Shane MacGowan
(Background Music: Full of Joy by The Chieftains)

Play it below:

Saturday, May 17, 2014

EPISODE 72: Springtime in Crazy Town


From the heart of Crazy Town -- and from all over the world -- comes some high-energy insanity, wild tunes popping up like sonic dandelions.

(Background Music: Wylde Tymes by Satan's Pilgrims)
Rollin' Voodoo by Cheetah Chrome
Walls are Shakin' by Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples
The Gunfighter's Comeback by Drifting Mines
Andre the Giant by Jungle Fever
Hang on Sloopy by Lolita #18

(Background Music: Revenge of the Mole Men by Speed Demons)
Troglodyte Girl by The 99ers
Jane by Clint Eph. Sebastian & The Junkers
Rose Red by Lisa Doll & the Rock 'n' Roll Romance
Dead Man's Shoes by Chuck E. Weiss
Golden Rule by John the Conquerer
Your Love by Marshmallow Overcoat
Leadfoot Jones by Kong Fuzi

(Background Music:Variety Theme by John Lurie)
It's Great to Be Here by Help Me Devil with Tami Lynn
Shock Ya by Mules
Camisa de Fuerza y Los Saicos
Savage Victory by Thee Oh Sees
Springtime in the Rockies by Tiny Tim & Brave Combo
(Background Music: Blue Shift by Davie Allan & The Arrows)

Play it below:

Monday, April 21, 2014

EPISODE 71: Hillbilly Fish Fry


The catfish are jumpin' and the hillbillies are high here at the Big Enchilada. We're going down to the fishin' hole .Enjoy this new crop of musical hillbilly madness

(Background Music: Buster's Crawdad Song by The Tune Wranglers)
Catfish and Collard Greens by Junior Brown
Crackhead Lullabye by Red Eye Gravy
Get That Fiddle Fired Up by Hezekiah Goode
My Love Give Me Love by Steve Train & His Bad Habits
Everybody Loves My Baby by Dave Van Ronk & The Ragtime Jug Stompers

(Background Music: Blue Guitars by The Light Crust Doughboys)
Dixie Fried by The Howlin' Brothers
Apache Tears by Los Dugans
Prison Town by Kern Richards
I Drink to Remember by Dale Watson
I Like Drinkin' by The Beaumonts
Please Ask That Clown to Stop Crying by Neil Hamburger

(Background Music: Texas Playboy Rag by The Pine Valley Cosmonauts)
Catfish Boogie by Wayne Raney
Whisper in the Dark by The Pine Hill Haints
Soy Muriendo by Possessed by Paul James
Take Your Pony by A Pony Named Olga
Gotta Shake That Thing by Leon Redbone
(Background Music: For Lovers Only by Southern Culture on The Skids)

Play it below: