Friday, January 1, 2010



Happy New Year, podlubbers!

To kick off the new year (and the new decade) The Big Enchilada presents a rocking ragtag compilation of tunes from three sources -- The Free Music Archive, The Live Music Archive and Music Alley.

There's tunes from The Dirtbombs, Dead Moon, The Butthole Surfers, The Mekons, Giant Sand, Paul "Wine" Jones, The Minutemen, Wau y Los Arrrghs!!!, New Bomb Turks, Miss Ludella Black and more.

The Free Music and The Live Music archives are great places to legally download and listen to free music. But I encourage you also to go out and buy music from all these artists that you like. (That goes for all the musicians I play on The Big Enchilada.)

Here's the play list:

Free Music Archive Set
(Background Music: Mission Bucharest by Pharaohs)
Puto by Davila 666
Nina by Wau y Los Arrrghs!!
Johnny's Got a Gun by Dead Moon
Pretty Lightning by New Bomb Turks
Crows by Modey Lemon
Stop Arguing by Paul "Wine" Jones
Baltimore Raven by Little Howlin' Wolf

(Background Music: ??? by Man or Astroman)
Wreck My Flow by The Dirtbombs
Who Was In My Room Last Night? by The Butthole Surfers
Beaten and Broken by The Mekons
Tumble and Tear by Giant Sand
I Feel Like a Gringo by The Minutemen
Gravity by Buick MacKane

(Background Music: Mr. Potato by Kahuna Kawentzmann)
Cannibal Girls by The Hydes
Bleed for You by Los Hories
Tumbleweed Blues by Howlin' Tumbleweeds
Mean Maria by Don Juan y Los Blancos *
Deadbeat by The Hoodlum Circus
(I Swear) From This Witness Stand by Miss Ludella Black & The Masonics
(Background Music: Graveyard Hand by Get Three Coffins Ready)

* (I gave the wrong name for Don Juan y Los Blancos on the podcast itself. Sorry guys)

Play it here: