Monday, March 21, 2011



I'm a grandfather now but I can rock just like a young whippersnapper. A couple of slugs of Geritol and I'm as good as new. Here's some rockin' tunes for the young at heart and old of fart. As Popeye says, "You've got to save your youth for your old age." This episode includes tons of the usual garage/punk/pyschobilly/R&B/ trash rock that I love so well. And we end with a freeform set that's an ode to grandfatherhood. Someday my grandson will hear this. Hopefully he won't be too disturbed.


Here's the playlist

(Background Music: No Tienes Mi Querer by The Rollings)
Don't Let me Down by The Pornostuntman
The Heist by Gotham City Mashers
Baby I Grind by Les Sexareenos
Spook Factor by Memphis Morticians
No Great Shakes by Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers
I Need Your Lovin' by Wolfman Jack & The Wolfpack
Good Time by The Mighty Hannibal

(Background Music: Sweet Georgia Brown by Cab Calloway)
Floor Length Hair by Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Cheetah Eyes by Clone Defects
Walking Through My Dreams by The Big Bopper
Boogiehut by The Get Lost
Red River St. by The Kill Spectors
The Monkey by The Great Gaylord
Eres Casado by Al Hurricane

(Background Music: Old Folks Boogie by Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band)
Granddaddy's Rockin' by Mac Curtis
Rock 'n' Roll Grandpap by Don Rader
Dirty Old Man by Thee Headcoatees
I Am My Own Grandpa by Asylum Street Spankers
Silver Threads Among the Gold by Jerry Lee Lewis
Grandpa's Boogie by Grandpa Jones
Look at Granny Run by Howard Tate
(Background Music: Sloop John B by Joseph Spence)

Play it here: