Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BIG ENCHILADA 81: Hoppin' Horny Toads


Hoppin' Horny Toads! This Big Enchilada episode is bringing you some fine hillbilly sounds old and new -- honky-tonk, rockabilly, bluegrass, roadhouse boogie, cowboy songs and barroom weepers -- by a dangerous array of artists old and new.


Here's the playlist:

(Background Music: Mississippi Muddle by Hank Penny & His Radio Cowboys)
Harper Valley PTA by Syd Straw & The Skeletons
I Dig Dangling Participles  by The Harper Valley PTA
Borrow Me Some Money by Augie Meyers
I'm Goin' Huntin' Tonight by Martha Lynn
Cowboy Song by Slackeye Slim
Drivin' Nails in My Coffin by Larry Wellborn
Don't Thrill Me No More by J.D. Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers

(Background Music: Stratosphere Boogie by Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West)
Dirt by Chuck Prophet
Semi-Truck by Commander Cody
Chickenstew by Reverse Cowgirls
The Struggle in the Puddle at the Bottom of the Bottle by Zeno Tornado & The Boney Google Brothers
Born to Boogie by Texas Martha & The House of Twang
Gear Bustin' Sort of Feller by Bobby Braddock
Brain Damage by The Austin Lounge Lizards 

(Background Music: March of the Cosmic Puppets by Clothesline Revival)
Whiskey and Cocaine by Stevie Tombstone
I Can Talk to Crows by Chipper Thompson
Texarkana Baby by Jason Ringenberg
White Lightnin' by The Waco Brothers
Twang by The Backsliders

Play it on the player below: