I hope I don't have to add to this page often!

I'll keep notices of any issues on this page and keep the main section exclusively for the podcast episodes.

Here's the latest little problem that cropped up:

June 28, 2014

A Big Enchilada iTunes subscriber just alerted me to a problem: iTunes was asking for a user name and password to download newer episodes of the Big Enchilada.

The explanation is boring and technical -- and I don't fully understand it. But if this is hapening to you, here's how to fix it:

Tturn off your old Big Enchilada subscription. (You can keep the ones you've already downloaded) Now,  re-subscribe at itpc://

That should work for the last three episodes you couldn't get at the old feed plus all future ones.

And of course if you subscribe to all the GaragePunk Pirate Radio podcasts, you'll get The Big Enchilada there.
Sorry again for the hassle.

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