Sunday, February 28, 2010



Madness & Glory is the name of this episode of The Big Enchilada. I'm going to subject you to about 40 minutes of musical madness from the likes of Pierced Arrows, The Reigning Sound, King Automatic, Sun Ra, Kim Fowley, Butterbeans & Susie and Rev. Beat-Man -- plus some great New Mexico bands like Gary Farmer & The Troublemakers and The Scrams. Then, for the conclusion, we switch to sweet gospel glory with The Persuasions, The Pilgrim Travelers, Luther Magby and more. It'll be good for your soul -- and maybe even your sanity.

(Background Music: La Pajarera by Freddie Gomez y Sus Dinamicos)
Buried Alive by Pierced Arrows
Night of the Hunter by Kim Fowley
Eugene Landy by Oh No! and the Tiger Pit
Vague Information by King Automatic
Straight Shooter by Reigning Sound
Massius Ray by T. Valentine

(Background Music: Flight of the Batman by The Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale)
I Am Gonna Unmask the Batman by Lacy Gibson (with Sun Ra)
Flea Market Rock by The Scrams
Slight Delight by The Routes
Under New Management by Crappy Dracula
Eat My Wiener by Lothar
I Want a Hotdog for My Roll by Butterbeans & Susie
Save My Soul From Hell by Rev. Beat-Man & The Unbelievers

(Background Music: God Wants Your Soul to Be Holy by Bryan "Josh" Taylor and Elder Jerry Taylor)
The Old Rugged Cross by The Pilgrim Travelers
Where Shall I Be by Professor Johnson & His Gospel Singers
When Jesus Comes by The Persuasions
Babylon's Fallen by The Trumpeteers
Jesus is Getting Us Ready For That Great Day by Luther Magby
Let it Be by Rev. Robert Ballinger

You can play it here:

Monday, February 1, 2010




Howdy podlubbers and welcome to my mind!

This month The Big Enchilada presents a big blast of crazy rock, soul and psychobilly. You'll hear a couple of great New Mexico bands, Felix y Los Gatos and The Blood-Drained Cows. Plus a great musical image to keep you warm in the February cold from 1950s beauties June Wilkinson & Mamie Van Doren. Then we take a sharp turn straight into the Old Weird America with a set of authentic American jug band music. It all makes sense in my mind. Welcome to my mind!

Here's the play list:

(Background Music: Fish Taco by Surficide)
Plenque by Felix y Los Gatos
The Flesh Remover by The Sworn Liars
Voodoo BBQ by Big John Bates
Woodpecker Rock by Nat Couty
Bikini With No Top on Top by June Wilkinson & Mamie Van Doren

(Background Music: Tipi Tipi Tin by Baby Gaby)
Chupacabra Rock 'n' Roll by The Blood Drained Cows
Your Miserable Life by Movie Star Junkies
Crazy in the Head by Three Bad Jacks
Serial Killer by Hayride to Hell
Your Cousin's on Cops by The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
Jug Band Jump by Delbert Barker.

(Background Music: The Memphis Shake by The Dixieland Jug Blowers)
He Calls That Religion by Maria Muldaur
She's in the Graveyard Now by Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band
Viola Lee Blues by Cannon's Jug Stompers
The Old Folks Started It by Minnie Wallace
Insane Crazy Blues by Memphis Jug Band
How Lew Sin Ate by Dr. West's Medicine Show & Junk Band.
(Background Music: Welcome to My Mind by Duggie Ward)

You can play it here: