Sunday, January 23, 2011



This is a busy time of year for me, but I managed to slap together an hour's worth of slap-happy rock 'n' roll for you, the listener. From New Mexico come bands like The Scrams and Kilimanjaro Yak Attack. Some of the bands I've gotten to know from The GaragePunk Hideout are here like LoveStruck, The Manxx and J.J. & The Real Jerks. Plus we take a trip into Indian Country with a segment featuring goofy novelty songs from the '50s and elsewhere, as well as some rocking tunes from Native American artists. You'll have to slap yourself to realize you're not dreaming.

Here's the playlist:
(Background Music: Slap It by Ronnie & His Twangy Little Fellow)
Bitch Slap Attack by LoveStuck
Chimp Necropsy by The Scrams
The Masks by Death
Omega Todd by Kilimanjaro Yak Attack
Cornfed Dames by The Cramps

(Background Music: Taos Pueblo by Impala)
Red Man by Slidin' Clyde Roulette
Indian Rock by The Musical Linn Twins
Big Chief Little Puss by The Olympics
Boppin' Wigwam Willie by Ray Scott
The Radical by Russell Means
Yata Hei by Keely Smith
Millennium Car by Keith Secola & His Wild Band of Indians

(Background Music: Geronimo by Link Wray)
Mustangs and Camaros by Stargunn
Where the Rio de Rosa Flows by '68 Comeback
Broke Yr Spell by The Manxx
Chicken Shack by Hellwood
Seersucker Suit by J.J. & The Real Jerks
(Background Music: Slappin' Rods and Leaky Oil by The Savoys)

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