Saturday, February 27, 2021

BIG ENCHILADA 152: Murder Hornet Melodies

It's been almost a year since we were warned about the evil murder hornets about to invade, stinging us, murdering us and stealing our daughters. It never happened. ... just as the evil hornet masters wanted. And now that nobody seems worried about the impending buzzing onslaught, we've grown complacent, JUST AS THE KILLER INSECT HORDES WANTED US TO DO!!!! Fortunately The Big Enchilada Podcast is here to warn the populace. WAKE UP AND FEEL THE STING! Defeat the invaders with the power of pure rock 'n' roll!

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Here's the playlist:

(Background Music: Hornets Nest by Los Straitjackets)
Buzz Buzz Buzz by The Blasters
No Panic, No Stress by The Scaners
That Wasn't Chicken by Dose
Birdbrain by Kevin Coyne
Gilligan's Wake by Mal Thursday Quintet
Bumble Bee Zombie by Roky Erikson
(Background Music: Green Hornet Theme by Al Hirt)

Commuter by Danger Cutterhead
Ping's Chinese Restaurant by Harvey McLaughlin
Sick of You by The Revox
Alabama's Doomed by Wizzard Sleeve
Black Cat by Herzegovina
(Background Music: Beehive by Candye Kaine)

Sting-A-Ree by Edison Rocket Train
Spells and Magic by Laino & Broken Seeds
Something's in the Air by Honshu Wolves
Pretty Girl Snatcher by Lovestruck
Bumble Bee by Brave Combo
(Background Music: King Bee by The Valuneers)

Play it below: