Sunday, April 28, 2013

BIG ENCHILADA 59: Conspiracies in the Mist

OK, I'm risking my LIFE to bring you this episode, but I have to alert you to some DANGEROUS PLANS by high-raking officials I've uncovered! If you listen closely to the lyrics of each song -- ok, some of them you'll have to play backwards -- and you READ BETWEEN THE LINES you'll realize that I'm sending a CIPHERED MESSAGE to you, my faithful podcast listeners, about a widespread clandestine program to destroy the very FABRIC OF CIVILIZATION!! It's a mystery, inside a riddle, wrapped in an enchilada! Yes, the Trilateral Commission is involved, but so are The Rothschilds, the RAINBOW GIRLS and the Small Business Administration!!! Listen if you dare, but once you crack this code, alert all your friends and email them the link to this episode!!!!THE WORLD MUST LISTEN TO MY TRUTH!!!!!

Here's the playlist:

(Background Music: Mob Job by John Zorn)
Conspiracy by The Dick Nixons
A Dirtier Job by The Blues Against Youth
Fruit Fly by Hickoids
The Flame That Killed John Wayne by The Mekons
In Your Stereo by The Lo-Fi Jerkheads *
Ride in My 322 by Spyder Turner

(Background Music: Hey Amigo by Havana 3 a.m.)
Your House or the Courthouse by Livids
Pow Pow Pow by Dengue Fever
Broken Soldier by The Black Angels
La Balada by Los Vigilantes *
Walker on the Wild Side by The Grannies
Rockhouse by Big Maybelle

(Background music: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. by West Hell 5)
Born in 77 by Black Jaspers *
Double 0 Bum by Gas Huffer
Coup D'Etat by Circle Jerks
Egyptian Rats by Paint Fumes
Discontented Man by Dead Man's Tree
Kicker Conspiracy by The Fall

* The songs so marked are from the free Slovenly Recordings compilation, Globule Expectorations. Download it HERE.

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