Sunday, July 26, 2009



The Big Enchilada is back with The Monkey-Wrestling Polka!

This episode is divided into four segments. There's a set of songs from bands I've discovered through The GaragePunk Hideout. There's a barrel of monkey songs, inspired by a recent You've Got Good Taste podcast. There's a bone-crunching, loser-leave-town cage match of wrestling tunes and finally, a crazy polka party. Truly this is a milestone in Freeform Weirdo Podcasting!


Here's the playlist:

(Background: Red Rose Tea by The Marquis Chimps)
Bearded and Bored by Quan & The Chinese Takeouts
Jack Rabbit by The Strawmen
Gulls Rock by The Molting Vultures
Yumma 2 by The Fuzzy Set
(We're the) Knights of Fuzz by The Marshmallow Overcoat
Goin' Ape by The Tex Reys

(Background: Monkey Island by The Derangers)
Rockabilly Monkey Face Girl by Ross Johnson
The Monkey Song (You Made a Monkey Out of Me) by The Big Bopper
You're Bound to Look Like a Monkey by Hank Penny
Monkey's Uncle by The A-Bones
Koko Joe by Don & Dewy

(Background: Hulkster's In the House by Hulk Hogan & The Wrestling Boot Band)
Viva del Santo by Southern Culture on the Skids
Hammerlock by The Shrunken Heads
The Crusher by The Novas
Apartment Wrestling Rock 'n' Roll Girl by Lightning Beat-Man
Gorgeous George by Ronny Elliott

(Background: No Sabemos Polka by Santa Rosa Band
The Happy Wanderer by Brave Combo
Beer, Broads and Brats by The Polkaholics
Who Stole the Kiska by Frankie Yankovic
Weiner Dog Polka by Polkacide
(Background: Ranch Hand by Desert Suns)

Play it here: