Wednesday, August 29, 2018

BIG ENCHILADA 122: Puppets in Trouble


Welcome to another thrilling episode of The Big Enchilada. This one's called Puppets in Trouble, because we all know that trouble is brewing in Puppetland and nobody causes trouble like those lovable puppets do. 

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Here's the playlist:

(Background Music: Nerviosa by Reverend Beat-Man & Izobel Garcia)
Puppet on a String by The Night Beats
Dark Soul of the Night by Fascinating
Watch Out Woman by Travis Pike & The Brattle Street East
The Goat by Weird Omen
Kill Me by Don & Dewey
Hooty Sappertiker by Barbara & The Boys

(Background Music: Dr. Jazz by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band)
Puppet Man by Jay Reatard
Little School Boy by The A-Bones
Insult to Intellect by The Mobbs
Rattle Your Mind by Gogo Loco
Funky Lounge by Shrunken Heads
Farmer John by Ross Johnson with Monsieur Jeffrey Evans
Greasy Chicken by Andre Williams
Puppet on a String by The Hives

(Background Music: Wiped Out by The Escorts)
Paula by Harlan T. Bobo
Rate Your Teacher by Moron's Morons
Punkette by Neon Brothers
Bad Boy by Larry Williams
You Little Baby Faced Thing by Joe Tex
Lake of Fire by Meat Puppets
(Background Music: March of the Cosmic Puppets by Clothesline Revival)

Play it below:

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